13 April 2007


Last night's launch went very well. There was a substantial crowd and despite me being terrified, everyone said I read well and could not tell that I was nervous. (Phew!) The other two readers, Nancy Pagh and Sean Horlor, were fantastic. I felt so lucky to be sharing the stage with such talented poets. You should really pick up their books if you have the chance. Hosts Liz Bachinsky and Michael V Smith were very entertaining and generous. Together they currate the Robson Reading Series, the best reading series in the city. (And I'm not just saying that because I was a part of it. It really is the best.)

I'm thrilled to report that the bookstore sold out of my books which was a very pleasing thing to see. Such a large stack diminshed. In bed last night I counted up the books my friends bought and was happy to discover that other people, people who didn't feel any obligation to, bought my book. Hooray! (Please see the sidebar where you can buy your own copy.)

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