21 March 2009

Coming to a screen near me! (And maybe you, too!)

Perhaps it isn't healthy to be this obsessed with a movie I haven't seen yet, but I'm so out of the pop-culture loop at the moment, the only movies I'm aware of is this one and Where the Wild Things Are. So please, let me be excited for a little bit here. A kind soul from Who Does She Think She Is left a comment the other day informing me that the film will indeed be coming to Edmonton and some other fine Canadian cities. To date, they are:

Regina Public Library Film Theatre – Regina SK
Winnipeg Cinematheque- Winnipeg MB
Metro Cinema- Edmonton AB
Plaza Theatre- Calgary AB
Hyland Theatre- London ON
Princess Cinema- Waterloo, ON

I don't know the dates for the other cities yet, but it will be playing in Edmonton from June 19 - 23. When I learn of the others, I'll let you know.

They also want to know of other Canadian cities/theatres where they should take the movie. Looking at this list and knowing that they already have, or plan to, show in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, I think they should go to Halifax, Victoria, and, because I know a pair of fantastic creative-mamas there (Hi, Laisha! Hi Gillian!), Prince George. If any of you know what theatres they should approach in these cities, or know of other cities and theatres they should target, please email me or leave a note in the comments.

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