7 December 2010

Glossolalia Installation: Olive Grey Frost


First off, isn't Olive Grey Frost a great name? Say what you want about Joseph Smith, some of the women he married had fantastic names.

This was the most literal of the installations, but because the poem is so short, I think it worked. Plus I liked how the bed bug recipe ingredients looked laid out like that. Sometimes simple is the way to go. The recipe didn't call for handkerchief, but when I started compiling objects that I might use, I found it and knew I had to use it somewhere. I almost put it in a different one, but it seemed the right balance visually and I liked how it was a reminder of the woman behind it all.


sweetsalty kate said...

I would have loved to have seen this...

m said...

Aww, Kate. Thank you! I wish you could have seen it, too.