7 October 2012

weekend of wonders

Last weekend was an amazing, dream-fulfilling type of weekend.

On Saturday, I was lucky to be one of sixteen chosen to attend an all-day master class with Lynda Barry, hosted by the Vancouver International Writers Festival. We were given strict instructions to not socialize until after the workshop was over, but I did have lunch with my husband and John Vigna who was my desk mate. We mostly followed the rules by not talking about the content of the workshop, but did talk about it briefly to agree that it was fantastic.

I have never taken a class like Lynda Barry's, though any of you familiar with her work is probably not at all surprised by this statement. I was completely impressed by her and how she conducted and organized the class. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn from her. I was given tools that I hadn't considered before, and even better, that I know I will use. If you ever have a chance to take a workshop with her, move mountains to make it happen. I'm so thankful that I had.

And to top it off, she gave me a hug at the end. I'm a lucky, lucky lady.


On Sunday, my dearest friend, Jennica treated (TREATED!) me to the Madonna concert. We went with Nancy Lee and her husband John Vigna. I rarely go to concerts and I have never been to something like that. It was a visual assault and simply amazing. Sure, I don't really know her new stuff, but man alive, Madonna can put on a show. And she made sure that some of her oldies-but-goodies were represented. My two favourite Madonna songs were done (Express Yourself and Like a Prayer, in case you were wondering) and they were phenomenal. It was spectacle and theatre and left me giddy for a long time.


On Monday, it was my birthday. It was strange to be away from my husband and my boys, but I got the best gift. The universe gave me the first day of rehearsals of my first professional theatre production. Yes, dear reader, Initiation Trilogy is in rehearsals and I was fortunate to be in the room for the first three days of rehearsals. I would have liked to have been there longer, but I had to get back to my family as Kevin had to leave town.

There is so much I want to write about the process of bringing Initiation Trilogy to life and I know I won't have the time or space to do it in, but will try to in subsequent posts. Right now I will simply say that the first day was magic and that I am so incredibly lucky to have the creative team on this piece.


Carrie Snyder said...

I'm so happy for you! This all sounds amazing and fulfilling.

m said...

Thanks, Carrie! It's been both amazing and fulfilling. Life is full of exclamation marks lately.

Shawna Lemay said...

i love hearing all about the great stuff you're doing. couldn't happen to a nicer person!

francpant said...

Hey Marita - I just discovered Lynda Barry at the Williams Lake Public Library. I was looking through the graphic novel section, hoping to find something appropriate for grade 4 boys who are not interested in reading at all. Her book "What is it?" looked way to interesting to pass up and is now helping me plan some writing/infering lessons. I'm so much more excited about her now that I know accomplished authors and poets such as yourself think she is something else.


saleema said...

Lynda Barry AND Madonna!!!!!!!

I've rarely been hit with such a double-whammy of envy in a single blog post! I'm so glad they both were as awesome in just the ways I'd expect.

m said...

Thanks, Shawna!

Frances, I got that book for my birthday! I haven't had a chance to really dive into it yet, but it looks amazing. I know that Elizabeth Bachinsky uses it as a textbook in one of the classes she teaches at Douglas College, so you're in great company.

Saleema--I know! I feel so lucky!