27 March 2013

lesson from the universe

The universe was telling me something on Sunday, and I'm still not sure what the message was.

As I had mentioned, I was to be interviewed on Speaking of Poets. I had a fair bit of juggling to do to make it happen. My middle child was to be at a birthday party from 12-2, my interview was from 1:30-2. I had to do the interview at my husband's office because he has a landline that isn't a portable which was requested by the interviewer. My husband was doing auditions all day at the university for a show he'll be directing there next year, but luckily, had lunch from 12:45-2:15. The plan was I was going to drop A2 off at the party, hang out with the other two for a bit, then bring them to the uni for 1:00. Kevin was going to set me up in his office then take the kids to get lunch and then pick up A2 a little bit early from the party.

I had stayed up late the night before hand sewing (because I'm terrified of my sewing machine) a superhero cape for the themed party and tried not to get too nervous about the interview. Sunday morning, I made the kids blueberry pancakes (the last of last season's frozen berries--so sad!), got everyone dressed, and then pulled out the invitation to check the address.

My stomach dropped. The party was the day before. I ran upstairs, apologetic to my son. He told me that I had to call his friend's mom and I told him I would. I expected tears, but he shrugged it off. His only concern was making sure his friend received his present.

I called the mom, and she was very gracious. She invited my son over to have a second party. Everyone was happy.

I brought the other kids up to the university, got set up, warmed up my voice and waited anxiously for the phone to ring. After 'hello' the first thing he said was 'I owe you an apology.' Turns out he had a mixup of his own. At first I thought he was going to say that he decided he didn't want to interview me at all, but luckily we just needed to reschedule. (This Sunday, if you want to listen as it airs.)

There's definitely a lesson there to be learned--flexibility, forgiveness, graciousness? I'm not sure. But I am thankful that it all worked out, or will eventually work out.

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