11 April 2014

doing the work

I've been writing. Like really writing. Not editing, not doing research, not answering emails or hustling or blogging. I'm on a spurt and it's been great. I'm hoping to keep my head down and the eye on the prize (a finished first draft) by the time the residency is over. If I don't get distracted, it will happen.

Strangely, I have to thank the conversation I've posted below. Out of all the many books these women have written, I've only read Elizabeth Gilbert's most recent, The Signature of All Things (which I absolutely loved). I love how strong these women are, their friendship, and how they treat writing as work and just get it done.

Now I need to read Ann Patchett and more of Elizabeth Gilbert. If you can suggest which of her fiction I should start with, I'd be grateful. (I do plan on reading her This is a Story of a Happy Marriage soon.)

If you haven't watched this conversation, please take the time to. It's inspiring and entertaining.


Carrie Snyder said...

Bel Canto is wonderful. Start there and you'll want to read the rest. I also LOVED Truth and Beauty.

m said...

Thanks, Carrie! Bel Canto is everywhere and I wondered if I should lead up to it or start with it. I will start!

Heidi Reimer said...

I also loved The Magician's Assistant and State of Wonder. And Truth & Beauty. She's fantastic.

Congratulations on really writing! I know how much it can take to get there.