23 January 2009

Who Does She Think She Is?

The link to the movie site Who Does She Think She Is? has been floating around the interwebs for some time now. I first came across it in the fall, discovering the link at my friend Kate's blog Sweet|Salty. It was the weekend and Kevin had taken the boys on an outing so that I could finish a grant proposal. I had completed a section and decided to reward myself by checking some friends' blogs. I usually don't click on sidebar links, but this one spoke to me for some reason. About halfway through the trailer to this documentary on mothers and creativity, I burst into tears. It struck a chord, deep and tender.

I quickly returned to my grant (which, by the way, I did receive--yay for me!), but I would regularly return to the site to watch the trailer. I'm not sure why. To be inspired? As a reminder? To give thanks? To put things in perspective? I really don't know. But I returned to it today, and knew that I'd like to share it with you.

I hope I get to watch this movie. I've put my name on the list for a home screening. If that opportunity does happen, I'll invite you over. You bring the root beer and I'll make the popcorn. Deal?


laish said...

Amen. And you've got a deal! Especially if that screening is in April when I'm there, sans-bebe & avec-book!

Shawna Lemay said...

Would love to see it too! Thanks for posting this!

Between Hitching Posts said...

You can reserve this DVD on Netflix, although it is not yet available.

m said...

I'll definitely keep you posted. Wouldn't it be nice to have a screening during the poetry fest? Perfect timing, really.

BHP: Thanks for visiting! Unfortunately, Netflix is only available in the US, but I should see if it's available with Zip, the Canadian counterpart.