4 April 2013

See my virility!

"I wore my fatigue with pride. At last I had earned the right to be grizzled unshaven dad picking up my caffe latte of a morning, my marsupial baby cradled in the sling, giving the wife a few minutes' rest. See my virility! I'd often envied these fellows at the local coffee shop, picking up a standing ovation along with their bag of almond croissants. Now it was my turn to share the glory, to feel the love."

from the brilliant Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins


Kerry said...

I love that book! When you're done, check out the interview I did with her on my blog where she has some interesting things to say about the book.

m said...

The second thing I did after finishing the book was read your interview! (The first was pouring a fresh cup of tea, of course. ) I had been very good at not reading the interview before or during the reading of the book. In fact, seeing her name at the top of your interview list for years was one of the reasons I picked up her books. Forrests will be my next novel to read.

It was a great interview and I was fascinated to learn about what what the impetus for the book. I wouldn't have guessed, but it makes the end so much clearer.