9 May 2013


I'd done a couple readings from Glossolalia in March and April, but my first official launch was at the end of April with Dede Crane and Jay Ruzesky. I may be a little biased, but it was a great event. Bill Gaston was the host and he's absolutely charming. Dede and Jay were both engaging and entertaining readers and made me elbow my way to the front of the bookseller's line to buy their books. (Confession: I didn't really elbow my way to the front, but I wanted to.)

The room was packed and I had a few good friends in the audience. The biggest treat for me was that my husband was there (and he took some pictures from an unforgiving angle (we chose a poor place to sit), but I have pictures at least). He hadn't seen me read since 2007 and he was such a important part of the writing of Glossolalia. I'm so glad we could celebrate together.

I have one more reading in Victoria in the near future, which I'm very excited about. The much loved Russell Books is opening a new venue space that will house their vintage and collectable, and I'll be reading with literary superstars Esi Edugyan and Steven Price to launch it. I feel incredibly honoured to be part of this event, and not only because there is promise of cake.

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