2 January 2012


We spent NYE with my sister and two dear friends who really are family now--they're Auntie and Uncle to my kids. We played three different games, ate a lot and drank even more. We meowed our way through Old Lang Syne. And I spied two racoons peeking through our second floor skylight at 3:00 am. (I think they are a harbinger of something, but of what I am not yet sure.)

I'm not one for resolutions at the top of the year--I am much more likely to do them on my birthday--but I do feel like I need to acknowledge the old year and nod to the new one in some way. As we were setting up Settlers of Catan, I made everyone around the table to give one word to describe 2011 and one which we hope will describe 2012, no explanations. It was very interesting.

For me, 2011 was exhausting-large chunks of solo-parenting, pregnancy and new baby, moving from Edmonton back to Vancouver. There were other things, but those were the largest, most draining.

My word for 2012: Acceleration. I won't go into specifics, but I'm want forward momentum for my body, my work, my brain, my spirit.

If you were at my table on NYE, what words would you have offered?


Panic said...

I've missed you on the Tweety box! Hope your 2012 is wonderful. :)

m said...

Right back at you! Harriet has really cut down on my screen time, but I'll be back. :)

Carrie Snyder said...

2011: Run
2012: Work

(Quick, off the top of my head).