26 January 2012

A little bit of movement

One thing I've been wanting to do for the last few years was take up running. I've had a lot of excuses to not start, some better than others (being pregnant, Edmonton winters, embarrassed to exercise in public, not knowing what I was doing), but this year was going to be the year (which partly went into my choice for acceleration). I wanted it and, more importantly, I knew I could do it. So when my sister told me she signed up for an introductory run clinic that also included a voucher for a new pair of shoes, I knew I had to follow her lead.

Last night was our first class and it was great. Only fifteen of us and, as a group, there is a wide spectrum of running experience. We did our first run last night. Very basic--one minute run, one minute walk, eight times--but it was so good. We were in the rain along the seawall and I was so happy. Really, really happy. I hope this joy stays with me as the runs get more challenging. (And I hope my ankles don't always hurt the day after. Any advice on that front?)


Have you put your name in the virtual hat for the give-away over at Canlit Mama? Deadline is tomorrow.


Carrie Snyder said...

You could try lifting onto your toes and holding, then easing back down again; and repeating. A bit like "awkward pose" in yoga. That might strengthen your ankles. I can ask my husband for ankle strengthening exercises too.

m said...

Good idea! How often should I do this? I'm wondering if it should or shouldn't be on running days.