31 January 2012

Week in Suppers: Week 4

Menu::Hamburgers, veggies and hummus
Details::We're trying something at home here to give me more writing time. Kevin leaves early on Mondays, comes home to pick up A1 from school and then take the kids to soccer, and then returns to make dinner. Ideally this will give me about three full hours to write. This was the first Monday we tried it so there were a few hiccups including me needing to leave by 6:30 to make a play downtown. Kevin is a good cook, but he's a slow one. Unfortunately, this meant I didn't get in on the hamburgers, but half of one was saved for me when I returned home. (A1 ate the other half of mine.) It was so good. I hope he makes it again soon.

Menu::Snapper, rice, greens
Details::Kevin had a late meeting, but my sister was able to join us. Fish was great. The boys don't like rice for some reason, but they each ate a few bites of it. I couldn't find the cranberries to round out the red chard dish I usually make, so it was a little disappointing, but the chard was devoured. (Mostly by me, but I need the iron!) Lots of rice left over.

Menu::Tuna Melts
Details:: This was my first run clinic night, so Kevin came home early and made dinner for all of us. Tuna melts! So yummy. I wolfed mine down, so I can't report on how the boys ate them, but there were no leftovers. (I did hear A2 complain about the green peppers in the tuna, but that was not a surprise.)

Menu::Beef and bean chilli
Details:: I've been dizzy lately, so I thought I should try to increase my iron intake. Added beef to my usual vegetarian chilli. I had to run off to go a play, so I'm not sure how much was actually eaten, but there weren't any complaints while I was still there.

Details::Wasn't up for making anything when we came home from skating, so burritos with leftover chilli inside it was! A2 doesn't like burritos so was happy with a bowl of chilli. No guac as it was a last-minute plan and the avocados weren't ripe.

Menu::Steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus
Details::3/4 of us were happy. A1 doesn't like steak or mashed potatoes, though he ate more asparagus than I did and managed to eat enough of his steak to make me happy.

Menu::salmon, rice, broccoli
Details::Kevin did this and it was really good. Boys don't like rice, but they ate the rest which is a lot more important, in my opinion!

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