16 August 2007

"...a highly accomplished first book."

I'll admit it: I google myself. Probably more often than is healthy, but I have a very good excuse at the moment. The book, of course! So today, thanks to my habit, I found this nice review. It's a bit of an omnibus review, but I do get my own paragraph and the esteemed George Fetherling ended my bit with this fine sentence: This is a highly accomplished first book. Oh yes, it made my day.

9 August 2007

2+2: A Reading

It's late notice, but I'm reading tomorrow night. Come check it out if you're in town.

2 Novelists. 2 Poets. 1 stage.

Join us for an after-work reading with novelists Steven Galloway (Ascension, the forthcoming The Cellist of Sarajevo) and Lee Henderson (The Broken Record Technique, the forthcoming The Man Game) and poets Marita Dachsel (All Things Said & Done) and Jennica Harper (The Octopus and Other Poems).

Fiction & Poetry. You won't have to take sides.


Friday, August 10th
Doors 6pm, Reading 6:30 pm


The Annex Restaurant
307 West Cordova in Gastown

Admission is free.


I think it's going to be a really great reading. We're all friends and I'm excited to hear the boys novelists read from their upcoming books. It will also be my last reading in Vancouver while it is still the city I live in. It's going to be an entertaining night.