26 October 2007

Edmonton Reading

Hooray! My first reading in Edmonton. Please come by if you can.
(More information can be found here.)

2 October 2007

Thompson Rivers University Reading

I will be reading in Room 163 in the Arts & Education building at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops at 7pm on Wednesday, October 3rd.

I'm pretty excited about this reading because this is where I took my first creative writing class and the oldest poem in my collection (Salinas) was written for that class. But I'm also a little nervous as I'm supposed to fill 50 minutes. That's a long time. The longest I've read for before is 20 minutes. I really hope people don't fall asleep or start throwing things at me. I think I might read a few poems from the collection I'm working on now, just to mix things up a bit.

If you're in Kamloops, please come. I'd hate to be reading for 50 minutes to just my husband and the woman who organized the reading.