15 March 2012

Week in Suppers: Week 10

Menu:: Baked chicken thighs and veggies. 
Details::Baked thighs in a dijon/grapefruit juice/garlic sauce. Roasted carrots, beets, and potatoes. Nothing fancy, but it was all eaten. 

Details::I got to go to the hockey game (YAY!), so Kevin made the boys BLTs and I ate an overpriced hot dog and drank overpriced beer. It was perfect. 

Menu::Black bean quesadillas
Details::My run clinic night and I managed to make them and scarf one down before having to be at the clinic. A2 protested, of course. And I shouldn't have eaten so much before the clinic. Ended up with a stitch during the run. Lesson learned. 

Menu::Black bean loaf, veggies
Details::Used leftover black beans to make bean loaf. I've realized that I like the lentil version of this much better. I'm not sure why. (Veggies: roasted beets, carrots, potatoes. We sure eat those a lot!)

Menu::Steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus
Details::The beef that we bought was not grain finished, so it's tougher. We knew this, but I didn't expect it to be as tough as it is. A1 has decided that he doesn't like steak or mashed potatoes, so he ate only a few asparagus and a couple bites of the steak. I have to say, I'm disappointed in the beef. It has great flavour, but it's just too tough, unless I'm cooking it wrong, which I don't think I am because I never had a problem with our beef in Alberta. Oh well. 

Menu::Kevin's pesto prawn pasta
Details:: I was done. Couldn't bare to cook, so I asked Kevin to make this dish. We didn't have any bell peppers in the house, but neither of us had the energy to schlump down the block to the grocery store. It was still delicious, though now A2 has declared that he doesn't like prawns. sigh

Menu:: Roast chicken, veggies, salad, crumble
Details:: Had two good friends over for dinner, so roasted a chicken with roasted potatoes, parsnips and beets. Maple carrots. Green salad. Rhubarb (from freezer) and strawberry crumble for dessert. Delish. 

6 March 2012

my wives have been shortlisted

Last week the shortlist for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry was announced and my manuscript Glossolalia is on the list. The winner should be announced shortly. I don't think my manuscript is innovative enough to win, but I'm thrilled my wives were included. It really is a huge honour.

5 March 2012

Week in Suppers: Week 9*

Menu::Chilli and bread
Details::Tonnes of beans and veggies with the freezer ground beef. Was really satisfying. 

Baked chicken in a grapefruit/mustard sauce (sounds gross, tastes great), roasted beets and potatoes. Steamed broccoli with cheese sauce. Everyone ate it and complaints were minimal.

Details::You saw this one coming? Chilli one night means burritos later in the week. They were great. It was my running clinic night, so I don't know how they were eaten, but if history tells me anything, A1 had seconds and A2 complained. I was thankful Kevin saved some guac for me for when I returned home.

Menu::Turkey sausages, yam, carrot and potato fries. Garden salad made with spinach.
Details::We used to eat sausages a lot in Edmonton because we discovered Irvings sausages at our Farmers' Market. Hands-down the best sausages out there. Can't get them in Vancouver, so I was complaining on FB about this and a friend of mine goes to the Island every so often and brought back what she considers the best sausages and gave me some. Now, she has turned into my dealer. They are the best sausages I've had here and definitely the best turkey sausages I've ever had. I can't remember the brand, but they are local on the Island. SO GOOD. Anyway, that was the last of them in our freezer. The boys love sausages and the medley of fries went over well, too. 

Menu:: homemade pizza
Details:: Best crust yet. I think I finally have the multigrain crust down. Boys dressed the pizza with honey garlic pepperoni, tomatoes, kalamata olives, mozzarella and yellow peppers (A2 omitted these as he doesn't like peppers). No greens, but it was tasty and everyone ate it. 

Menu:: homemade burgers
Details::By the end of the week, I'm done with cooking, so I was sneaky and took out some hamburger from the freezer and suggested Kevin make his fantastic burgers. And he did! We didn't do any side dishes, which would have been a good idea, but ah, it's the weekend and they were devoured. 

Menu::dinner with friends
Details::A dinner party at the home of friends. Doesn't get better that this. 

(You may be asking yourself where did weeks 5-8 go? Good question. I'd like to know, too. February was a busy month, with family visiting, a birthday, a trip out of town. Lots of good food, junk food, and cake was consumed during those weeks. It was too hectic to take notes, and too much of blur to remember. You'll just have to take my word that we ate many suppers.)