8 February 2010

The Price of Me

I have a terrible habit of keeping FB open on my computer all day. I check it much too often when I have a down moment from the slog of trying to keep house and mother two young boys. I know I should turn the effing thing off and either spend those moments between laundry, cooking, dishes, diapers, refereeing and be with the boys. It's why I gave up my other "mommyblog" [gag]. And when I don't use that time with them, I should have my computer open to Word and use that time to write. Even if it's just a line, I really need to grab what time I can get.

That said, yesterday a friend posted on FB a link to an article which was based on this post which is a top ten list of things that aren’t as cheap as you think. If you don't have time to read it, scroll down to the number one item. It was both surprising to me and not. I think anyone who has spent anytime as a primary caregiver will pipe up with a 'hells ya'. It's hard, undervalued work and I find it interesting that in the statistics he used, if this work were paid, it would have been half of the world's output in 1995. Again, not that surprising. What did bristle me, however, was the label he used: women's work. The feminist in me raged telepathically to him. I'm not going to try to recreate it; I'm sure you can come up with your own. Here's a good place to start: women + work ≠ 'women's work'.


I go through waves of blog reading and my reading list has changed dramatically since I first discovered ye olde blogworlde. When my first son was a newborn I devoured many, many mommyblogs. I think they were my stories. Now, I only follow a few and none of them are just about parenting anymore. I grew bored of irony and cynicism or conversely the rainbows and unicorns of others' daily lives. Eventually I discovered lit blogs, specifically Canadian lit blogs. I try to keep up, but I don't. I'm always behind and gap out and consequently don't understand the private jabs and public politics. I've started reading them a little less, too. However, I recently followed links to find some new(ish)-to-me blogs that feel like home. Canadian writing mothers who aren't afraid to write about writing or babies or birthdays or books. I've mostly been lurking, but they are great. They feel like home. Have I finally found my online tribe?: Pickle Me This, Meli-Melo, and Obscure Can Lit Mama.

In my previous post, I wrote about the auction to which I had donated my poetry. The auction is now over and I'm thrilled to report that my four-pack went for a whopping $120! I still can't believe it. I had honestly thought that I'd have to get my husband to bid for it. And to top it off, it's going to someone I don't know.

3 February 2010

Poetry for Haiti

When I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I did what many of you did--donated money to a relief organization. (I actually donated to three because I couldn't choose: Doctors Without Borders, Unicef, and Care. They each do such important, yet different work. I really couldn't decide.) I wanted to give more, do more, but I didn't know how.

Then I heard from Kate of sweet|salty that she and René of fruity fantastica were gathering donations for To Haiti with Love, an auction whose proceeds would go to Broken Wings which runs homes for Haitian disabled youth. I jumped at the chance to be able to give a little bit more and put together a Poetry Four-Pack which includes my book, my chapbook and two limited edition broadsheets. You can see my listing here

There are a lot of very fine things up for grabs from things for babies to things to eat to theatre tickets in Vancouver to a ski getaway in Telluride. It's pretty phenomenal. The auction closes on Monday, February 8 at midnight EST. I know more goods are being added until Thursday afternoon, so do check back.