All Things Said & Done

Available from Caitlin Press

Marita Dachsel’s debut collection is a visceral exploration of the moments of life that stand out in the pages of a family album and the intervals of memory. She playfully and poignantly documents first crushes, first times, weddings and trips across town, across water, and across continents.

Shortlisted for ReLit Award


"Though the subject matter is deliberately unsettling, All Things Said & Done isn't depressing. Dachsel's poems have a detached sense of humor and wisdom. This is especially true of the third section of the book, which focuses on the strangeness and weariness of travel. As both tourist and local, Dachsel unearths memories and private moments, and splays them out for public viewing."
Hannah Stephenson in Gloss

"Dachsel's debut collection traces her journey from a small town kid to world traveller. The freestyle verse transforms the author's fragmented recollections into one well-crafted tale. It's perfect for readers who revel in poetic style but enjoy a novel's narrative thread. Sincere, ironic and witty, this book is perfect for light summer reading at a cabin or a beach in the city."
from The Tyee


12 or 20 Questions


dispatches from an impending marriage