18 January 2012

Weeks of Suppers: Weeks 1 & 2

I'm assuming most of you who read this blog also reads Carrie Snyder's Obscure Canlit Mama. It's one of my few daily reads as she writes about so much that really speaks to me--motherhood, writing, spirit, food. If you already read it, you probably know what I'm talking about. If not, start now!

One of her regular posts is This Week in Suppers and Carrie has graciously allowed me to steal this idea. I have been wanting to be better at planning our dinners and to keep a better track of what we eat. I know that I have a few fall-back recipes that we probably eat to often, so it will be good to see it all laid out in front of me.

So, here's what we ate for the first two weeks of January.

Menu::home made pizza
Details::I made a multigrain dough (still trying to perfect it) and the boys went with Kevin to pick out toppings and dressed the pizzas themselves (with a little bit of help). They were delicious.

Menu:: Chicken strips and veggie fries.
Details:: When Kevin isn't home for dinner, this is an easy standby for me. Cut up chicken breasts or thighs, marinate in lemon juice and olive oil, and bake. Baked potato, carrot, and yam fries and garlic mayo for dipping. Every last bite consumed.

Menu::Lentil loaf and roast veggies
Details::Devoured. I think it might be because the lentil loaf is receptacle for ketchup and mustard, but they do eat so much of it, I can't complain. Veggies: potatoes, beets and squash. A1 won't eat squash or roasted potatoes (but has no problem with the fries made the exact same way, but cut differently!) but ate his beets.

Details:: I usually do leftovers on Fridays, but we had a plan to go over to dinner at a friend's house, so I put it in the middle of the week. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough lentil loaf leftover, so I defrosted a jar of turkey stock I made after Thanksgiving and supplemented the meal with noodle soup and hummus with raw veggies. It was a mish-mash of a meal, but it was all eaten.

Menu::Shepherd's Pie
Details::Kevin makes this and he prepped it all the night before. It was delicious, as always. We had a side of steamed broccoli for extra veggies. So good.

Menu::Dinner with friends
Details::This was cancelled as there was an accidental double-booking and for the life of me I can't remember what we ate instead. I think Kevin made his mac and cheese, but can't be certain. Hmm...must keep better notes.

Menu::Roast Leg of Lamb
Details::Kevin was going to make this, but with the show he was working on, the schedule didn't allow it, so I made an easy standby for our family: bean and tomato quesadillas, with salsa, guacamole and sour cream toppers. A2 doesn't like quesadillas, but loves sour cream, so I managed to get enough bites into him to appease me.

Menu::Roast beef
Details::Had three friends over for dinner and a very delicious roast, with roasted veggies (potatoes, carrots, beets), salad, and apple/rhubarb crumble for dessert. Yes, it was gobbled up. (When we were in Edmonton, we bought a small deep freezer and every autumn we bought an organic quarter cow from Rose Ridge Ranch, seriously the best beef I've ever had. Now, in Vancouver, we had to find a new supplier. That night was our first real taste of it. I found it a little tough, but tasty. We'll see how it goes over the winter.

Menu:: Three Sisters Stew
Details::I couldn't find my recipe for this so I did it from memory and knew I forgot something, probably a spice. We call it chilli so the kids will eat it and grate some cheese on top. Bought a crazy delicious organic loaf of bread to go with it. (I used to make my own bread, but when I got pregnant with H, I gave it up and have only made it once in the last year. Hope to get back to it...one day.) Carrot sticks and hummus for extra veggies. Used some squash I had cut up in the freezer specifically for this dish. Everyone ate a lot of it.

Menu:: Chicken
Details:: Kevin was at the theatre so we had chicken fingers again. Didn't make enough for some reason, or we were all extra hungry. Had strawberries on hand for dessert.

Details::Used the Three Sisters Stew as the base. A2 didn't want burritos, so just ate the stew instead. Kevin was at opening night, so no dinner with us.

Details::I hadn't made plans for Thursday as I wasn't sure if Kevin would be at the show or not and his parents were coming to town. Decided to do a roast chicken with roasted potatoes, beets, carrots, and a green salad. Boys love to eat the drumsticks and managed to eat both beets and carrots. Success!

Details::Had to do something fast as the boys are back at skating, so not a long turn around time for dinner. Made spinach tortellini (*not homemade!) in an alfredo sauce with a pre-smoked salmon cut up and mixed with sauce. Green salad. Quick and easy, and thankfully everyone ate it.

Menu:: unplanned
Details:: SUSHI! Kevin's parents treated the family to takeout sushi. Yum! A huge treat and everyone gobbled it up.

Details::The dinner party that didn't happen last week happened this week. SO good.

What I learned was I really need to make a set menu each week and perhaps mix up the veggies a bit. Yes, roasted beets, carrots, and potatoes almost always get eaten, but a little variety might be nice. Also, I know we had asparagus one night that first week, but can't remember with which meal. Perhaps the roast beef?


Kerry Clare said...

Here is my pizza dough recipe http://www.picklemethis.com/2008/06/08/barbeque-pizza/

In the summer, it's BBQ but gets cook on a pizza pan in the oven for 15 minutes at 450 in the winter. And these days, I use half ww flour and half white. It's ridiculously easy.

I am going to have to post about this. We started planning menus when we were very poor 7 years ago, and the habit stuck...

Ariel Gordon said...

Can I have the lentil loaf recipe? Pull-eaze?

Carrie Snyder said...

I also want the lentil loaf recipe!

m said...

I will definitely post the lentil loaf recipe! So good.

@Kerry, I'll have to try your crust. I've only ever made yeast-based pizza doughs. I'm intrigued by yours.