6 September 2014

"Is that me?"

My youngest, H, will turn three in a few weeks. She is strong, determined, and feisty. She holds her own just fine with her two older brothers and is not one to be idle. It's as if she has a switch that says, why stand if you can dance? Why walk if you can run?

We live across the street from a small dead end street, where the boys will often ride their bikes. She doesn't ride yet, but loves to run along side the boys one their bikes. She's fast and has endless energy. She is a joy.

One of my favourite moments of the day, is the quiet at bedtime, where she crawls onto my lap and cuddles to sleep. I often read during this time, usually the only chance I get during the day.

Last night, she noticed I had a new book. She asked what it was. "Girl Runner," I said, showing her the cover.

"Is that me?" she asked, wonder in her voice.

I smiled at her. "It just might be."


Carrie Snyder said...

Oh, that is wonderful! Girl in motion. It's such a beautiful cover.

m said...

You'll like this, too, I think Carrie: When my six year old asked me what I was reading, I told him the title. And then H yelled from the kitchen, "That's me!"

She's so taken with the cover, too. She asked to wear a dress the other day, which has never, ever happened. (She usually cries/rips them off if I dare try one on her.) I am quite certain it's because the girl on your cover is wearing a dress.

melanie said...

That's lovely. My six-year old never walks when she can dance or run either. During the summer we actually said "go run around the block 10x before bed" to see what she would do. She isn't actually allowed to run around the block but she would run up and down the sidewalk (within the prescribed boundaries) and sing her heart out with happiness. Such beautiful freedom.